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巴马景泉天然弱碱性泉水PH值在7.2 到8.2之间,属弱碱性原生态小分子团水,能够渗透到人体细胞离子通道中,进入细胞核和DNA。巴马景泉除了富含人体所需偏硅酸外,还富含硒、锶、钙、镁、锌等10多种对人体有益的微量元素 。

巴马景泉天然弱碱性泉水 颠覆了传统饮用水生产方式, 把厂址设在 自涌泉水源地山脚下。泉水直接从泉眼中潺潺流入不锈钢管道,进入全自动、无菌灌装车间、10分钟内完成了从泉眼到灌装的全过程。 灌装的每一桶、瓶巴马景泉天然弱碱性泉水清澈透明、口感清纯。 这就是大自然赋予世界长寿之乡巴马的长寿密码:巴马景泉天然弱碱性泉水。



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Enterprise introduction

Bama Jingquan factory  is located in Natao Township, Bama Yao Autonomous County, the hometown of longevity in the world. With beautiful environment, surrounded by green mountains, covered  with cloud and fog.  The factory is  inside  the natural oxygen  Bar. Bama Jingquan  focuses on the development of natural weak alkaline spring water in Bama Changshou Township. With advanced production equipment, technological process and first-class quality control system, is well-known natural weak alkaline spring bucket water, bottled water enterprises.


With the rapid development of Bama Jingquan, he has constantly strengthened the construction of enterprise culture, always taking "Bama health and longevity culture as the starting point, making ordinary people healthier and live longer " as the enterprise mission, taking "water that people can afford" as the enterprise's goal, taking "cooperation, innovation and change" as the starting point of the enterprise, focusing on the whole country  and looking forward to the world market.

The PH value of natural weak alkaline spring water in Bama Jingquan is between 7.2 and 8.2, which belongs to the weak alkaline original small molecular mass water, which can penetrate into the ion channel of human cells and enter the nucleus and DNA. Besieds Sodium Silicate ,  Bama Jingquan  spring is rich in selenium, strontium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and other 10 kinds of beneficial trace elements.

Bama Jingquan natural weak alkaline spring water subverts the traditional drinking water production mode, the site is located at the foot of the natural spring-up water source. The spring water flows directly from the spring mouth into the stainless steel pipe, enters the automatic, aseptic filling workshop, and completes the whole process from the  spring mouth to the filling in 10 minutes to Fill each bucket, bottle .Bama Jingquan natural weak alkaline spring  is clear /clean and transparent, taste pural and natural . This is nature's secret longevity code  to the world's long-live hometown of Bama  : Bama Jingquan natural weak alkaline spring water.

Bama Jingquan Natural Weak Alkali